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Room 360°

The unique immersive room in Italy is only at the Enterprise Hotel. Impossible not to be amazed to see the immersive room of Enterprise.

The name is already very evocative in itself: Room 360 ° is in fact a "room", a place inside which, on the walls and at 360 °, images and videos with a very high emotional content are projected, accompanied by particularly sound suggestions. Images and sounds involve and stimulate the imagination of those who, inside the room and with amazement, allow themselves to be pleasantly overwhelmed by the projection.

Enterprise Hotel is the first hotel in Italy, and still the only one, to have adopted this very special audio / video technology. 16 Full HD projectors working simultaneously transform video or static images into real immersive experiences. The contribution that our "immersive room" can make to corporate or private events is significant and diversified; your company conventions, product launches, press conferences or any other event you need to organize will surely be difficult to forget if made in the Room 360 °!

Immersive Room

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